Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Office Space

Choosing office space can prove quite a challenge for new and established businesses alike. The suitability of the space chosen really can affect the organisation in the long term, so getting it right is incredibly important. Take time to research what sort of spaces are available given your budget, type of business and long-term goals.

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing office space.

Convenience for Employees, Clients and Suppliers

Location is an absolutely vital consideration when you are searching for the right office space for your business. Regardless of size, the location of any business can have a huge impact upon its level of success.

Ideally, office space needs to be located in a convenient place for employees, clients and suppliers. You also need to take into consideration the amenities and networking possibilities in the area.

Attracting good employees is important. If you are located in a difficult to reach or undesirable area, this immediately becomes more of a challenge. The cost of getting to and from work and the time it takes will usually be top of the list when considering job possibilities, and many of the best employees will opt for a job closer to home. The office also needs to be accessed easily by clients and suppliers, especially those who have to travel some distance to reach you. Therefore good transport links are an absolute must. Choose an office location close to a motorway or rail network, such as the office space to let Weybridge Surrey has to offer, most of which is located within minutes of the A3, M3 and M25.

Consider additional factors such as how the weather will affect people’s ability to get to and from the office. Choose a location in a town or an area of importance, such as retail, industrial and office parks and town centres, which have priority when it comes to snow clearing and salting the roads.

Choose the Right Building

Ideally, the office space will be located in a building or area that is attractive and well maintained. A safe and secure neighbourhood is also important. The space should be pleasant to work and spend time in. Make sure it is light, with a calm atmosphere. Parking, storage, internet availability and access are all major considerations.

Make sure the space you choose is large enough for your needs — not only now, but a few years down the line. You should have a business plan and a good idea as to how you expect the business to develop over time. This will help you to select the right sort of space. If it is unclear how your business model will look in a year or two, it is a good idea to ensure the lease contains a get-out clause to cover all eventualities. Having this type of flexibility will enable you to ensure the business does not become limited by lack of space or stagnate because of ongoing commitments that cannot be met.

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