What’s a Tweet Worth? About $5…or $50,000 if you are Charlie Sheen

I’ve always wondered… what’s the value of a Tweet?

Fortunately, someone far smarter than me has put pencil to paper and come up with a good guess.  (Here’s the whole story about the Value of Facebook Likes and Tweets, but I’ll save you the click.)  Here’s the results:


So how do tweets get value?

When you send a Tweet (or push the “Like” button), you are giving some of your personal value to that webpage or product.   Clearly, a Tweet from Charlie Sheen is more valuable than a tweet from me.  This is partly due to Charlie’s giant list of avid (rabid?) followers, but also due to his influence over those people.  Don’t ask me why he would have an influence on anyone, but apparently he does.

When I see your tweet, I believe that the product has more value because you “endorse” it.  I’m at least a bit more curious about it, and will click through to see what you like…  and your endorsement also makes it “safe” for me to buy it.  If YOU like it, it MUST be good.  Right?

So… Tweets do have value.  Any tweet that can drive TWAFFIC to a web page is worth something… and now we know exactly how much!

PS:  Please tweet about this article!

Dedicated to your profits,


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