10 Things to Love about Xero Cloud Accounting Software

xero.jpgLike all great businesses, Xero started with a clear mission: to make life easier for small businesses.  In particular, Xero set out to:

– embrace simple user interfaces
– help improve cash flow
– improve collaboration between businesses, vendors and customers

Sounds ambitious, but here’s 10 ways Xero brought the dream to life:

1.Visual Cash Flow
Xero has a great Dashboard that shows bank balances, invoices, bills and expenses. This creates an interactive cash flow graph and a ‘watchlist’ that lets you monitor specific accounts. Visualizing your up-to-date cash flow puts you in better tune with your company’s finances. This way you can be proactive, not reactive.

2. Sweet Mobile App
The app Xero Touch lets you manage your business even when you’re on the move. It allows you to create invoices and record receipts.  You can even do a bank reconciliation at any time, day or night.

3. Fully Integrated Payroll
Calculate payroll, pay employees, file taxes and make payments online. Xero automatically updates accounts to reflect these payroll actions.

4. Infinite Memory
Attach files like scanned bills or XL sheets to almost anything. You can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

5. Buy & Sell Globally with Multi-Currencies
Send invoices, reconcile accounts and get paid in over 160 different currencies. Foreign exchange rates update every hour, so you can track how any gains and losses affect your cash flow.

6. Free Support
Xero offers 24/7 E-mail support, a comprehensive online help center and built-in guides and tips within the application.

7. Great Security
Xero protects sensitive financial information against unauthorized access and system failures. It encrypts your data to the same level as your internet banking.

8. Free, Unlimited Users
Unlike desktop software that forces you to pay more for each user, all Xero plans come with unlimited users at no extra cost. Did we mention, “free”?

9. Connect to Everything
Connect it with over 300 ‘add-ons’ including point of sale, CRM, inventory management, time tracking, job management and more. Build a customized cloud solution with these integrative ‘add-ons’ and keep all your systems in sync with one another.

10 It’s…Beautiful
Xero’s vision lead to an accounting system that is both beautiful and easy to use. It succeeds in design where traditional desktop accounting software fails.  Xero provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, full of labor-saving automation and internet connectivity tools.

In short, Xero is cloud accounting software that’s easy to love. See what we mean with a free trial of Xero today!

Dedicated to your (Online Accounting) success, Lucy

Guest blogger Lucy Godwin previously wrote about how to maximize the use of the cloud in your business. She is a tireless advocate for small businesses and works for the Xero team in beautiful New Zealand.

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