Case Studies

At Fuse, we understand that your business is unique – and so are your challenges.  

Since opening our doors in 2013, we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of owners and entrepreneurs change the financial trajectory of their businesses.

Here are some of our success stories.

Carolina Courts Gains Real Time Visibility into Profitability

We helped Carolina Courts move from an almost entirely cash-based business (which was hard to monitor, measure and control) to a paperless system with real-time visibility.

The clear and concise accounting and reporting system helped Carolina Courts spot trends in their sales as well as evaluate the profitability of each line of business. Cloud-based Accounts Payables saved time and made approvals and payments to vendors run smoothly.

Swiftdogz Sees 100% Growth in One Year

Swiftdogz, Charlotte’s premier dog behavior and grooming boutique, turned to us for early-stage strategy, accounting, and financial advice, resulting in a one-year growth rate of more than 100%. Swiftdogz secured a new line of credit, moved to a beautiful new location and grew from three to 13 employees.

Ballancrest Academy Fuels Expansion with Effective Cash Flow Management

Ballancrest Academy is a fast growing preschool with a unique science curriculum. To take advantage of this dynamic market, Ballancrest needed better controls on cash flow and a plan for expansion and acquisition. We created a complete cash management program, set up accounting procedures and began helping Ballancrest secure new lines of credit to fuel their growth.

Carefree Boat Club Grows Fleet & Acquires Competitor

Carefree Boat Club of Lake Norman hired us to set growth strategy and strengthen cash flow. The boat club grew from six boats on Lake Norman to more than three dozen, and acquired a close competitor.

Ravenswood Studio Solves Lumpy Income Challenges

Ravenswood Studio had a “lumpy income” problem because they received large deposits from customers in advance of work. This made it hard to calculate the true profit and loss of their operations and determine whether they were profitable on any given month.

We created a true “accrual based” accounting process that measured profit on a monthly basis as well as per-job.

As a result, Ravenswood has grown more than 30% each year and used our part-time CFO services to guide and evaluate angel investments, SBA loans, property purchases, cash flow, operational efficiency and accounts receivable forecasting.

ShopBot Tools

We conducted a feasibility study on a new business idea for ShopBot Tools. Our research and strategic planning helped identify a massive new market opportunity for this industry leader. Later, the company grew so successfully we were called back in to evaluate exit plans.

Feel Golf Gains Partner for the Long Haul

Feel Golf came to us in the late 1990s for help with their initial business plan.

Over the years, we helped them raise angel capital and build operations. When they became a publicly traded company, our team advised their board of directors.

Laptop Lunches Improves Pricing & Distribution Strategies

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Laptop Lunches (aka Obentec, Inc.) asked us to provide insight and data that helped improve pricing and distribution strategies.

“Fuse Financial Partners is a real partner in helping us sell more of our eco-friendly Laptop Lunch Boxes.” – CEO Tammy Pelstring

Department of Energy Awards Over $2b In Grants

We helped the Department of Energy evaluate Renewable Energy Grant applications during the stimulus package of 2008. Our deep financial model building and analysis guided over $2 billion in federal research grants and tax credits as part of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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