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Outsourced CFO Services

We’re more than consultants; we roll up our sleeves and become an integral part of your team. With Fuse, you get the deep financial expertise that drives operational excellence. We’re a trusted teammate and “sounding board” to proactively and thoughtfully help you with all your financial and operational needs.

Increase Your Control Over Your Business

Make Your Data More Useful

CFOs play an important role in problem solving, goal setting and strategy development. The right CFO can make finance as important and as profitable as any other functional area within your business. Outsourced CFOs are a cost-effective way to bring more skill, experience and solutions to your business — at a fraction of the cost of a full-time person.

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Client Service Engagements

Sometimes a business only needs a small push in the right direction. A fractional CFO can give you just the amount of help your company needs, either on-site or remotely.

Fractional, or Part-Time CFO Services

Employ an experienced CFO on a part-time or temporary basis for deep financial and strategic help. This type of engagement typically includes:

  • Cash flow projections and cash management
  • Pricing based on actual and predicted costs
  • Customized key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards
  • Review and administer key contracts, loans, investors, foreign exchange hedges, etc.
  • Implement improvements in operations, including software roll-outs

Strategy and Growth

When you face growth opportunities, let us connect you with the bankers and investors who can provide the growth capital you need. This type of engagement typically includes:

  • Proper corporate structuring
  • Modeling, forecasting and “re-casting” financial statements
  • Investor presentations, relationships and negotiations

Capital Fundraising

Our partners have direct experience both as entrepreneurs raising capital and as investors with capital to inject. Our team has placed millions in traditional loans, SBA loans, angel capital, private equity and even venture capital. This type of engagement typically includes:

  • Small business  and SBA-guaranteed loans
  • Factoring, purchase order finance, royalty finance
  • Angel capital, corporate and private equity
  • Debenture deals
  • Mezzanine funding
  • Public filings and public solicitations

M&A Due Diligence

Your business challenges and opportunities deserve careful evaluation. We can help you build custom financial models, evaluate funding options, or predict the results of an investment opportunity. This type of engagement typically includes:

  • Financial review and analysis
  • Product and market analysis
  • Deep dive audit, verification and validation including quality of earnings assessment
  • Product/customer profitability
  • Operational efficiency and capacity analysis

Post-Merger Integration

CFOs play an important role in problem solving, goal setting, and strategy development. Bring the same insights and opportunities to your business with a part-time or fractional CFO focused on integrating your business operations and finance. This type of engagement typically includes:

  • Integration strategy and implementation
  • EBITDA improvement initiatives
  • Forecasting and modeling
  • Business process improvement
  • Change management and stabilization
  • Organizational alignment
  • Project management

Turnarounds and Restructuring

A great CFO adds an important pillar to the management team, the strategic direction and the financial stability of any company. If you need help turning around or restructuring the financial health of your company, take advantage of our CFO services by using an outsourced finance consultant or fractional CFO. This type of engagement typically includes:

  • Improving operating performance and profitability
  • Interim management
  • Workouts and lender negotiations
  • Cash flow forecast and monitoring

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