Cash Flow To Grow Your Business

When a business is profitable – that doesn’t mean that cash flow is fine.

Cash flow and profitability are two fundamentally different concepts: profitability is a simple comparison of revenue and expense; cash flow describes the sources and uses of cash, plus the movement of that cash over a period of time.

With our cash flow solutions, you can:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Foresee, predict and avoid cash flow problems caused by rapid growth or large customers
  • Develop strategies for cash flow management

Cash Flow Explained

David Worrell, Partner/CFO at Fuse, explains the cash flow cycle and helps answer the key question, “Where is all my money?”

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The Real Impact Of Cash Flow Problems

Employees, suppliers and customers are adept at detecting duress. People get nervous. In lieu of cash, rumors flow. So besides the obvious problems of missing critical payments (like rent or payroll), the problems quickly compound both inside and outside the business.

Proper cash management will pay off not only in reducing your stress, but also in important operational metrics, like preferred pricing and terms, bigger discounts and improved profits.


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