Kindle Apps Setting Fire to Business Productivity

### UPDATE: Amazon has changed access to many of the apps featured in this article since December 2011, when this article was written. Our recommended apps were compatible with the Kindle at that time, but many are no longer compatible. We hope this article can inspire you to find similar apps that will help your business productivity, and that you’ll share them with us in the comments section! -Joanna Ebizie”.###

Tablets are gaining ground in businesses everywhere.  And the new Kindle Fire tablet, at just $149.99, has something for everyone.  In fact, once you read this, you might want every employee to have one.

Although its not widely publicized, Kindle Fire users can buy apps through the Android Market or Amazon App Store… and there are plenty of business apps available.

Here are 5 of the best Kindle Fire apps for your business:

1. Multi-Platform Chat Client

Chatting with friends (also called “instant messaging”) who are all on different platforms can be a hassle. Thanks to Imo, chatting has never been easier: it combines the most popular chat services in one app. Whether you use Google Talk, AIM, ICQ or Skype, the app simplifies online communication and management no matter what your coworkers use. Users can save messages, record audio and send multimedia files to each other, too.  Cost: free!

2. File Sharing

Need to collaborate with co-workers or share documents between multiple tablets and PCs?  If you ever forget an important file, SugarSync can save you. Access your files and maintain syncing even after you edit documents on your tablet. Working off the cloud with a good syncing app will save you time and frustration.  Cost: Free.

3. Email, Calendars, Contacts and more

Staying organized is no problem with Touchdown. Let it access your Microsoft Outlook/Exchange account (or Zimbra, Keria, Groupwise or 10 other email servers), and get ready for a great experience. Follow the simple step-by-step configuration guide to set up the syncing process. It also encrypts data and lets you wipe data remotely if you lose the tablet. Try the trial version free for a month so you can explore every aspect of the app.  Cost: $9.99

4. Fill and Sign PDF Forms

When you get a digital contract that needs to be signed, do you print it out, sign it and scan it? That’s not so bad once or twice, but no good for an every day task.  The Fill and Sign PDF Forms app eliminates this annoying process with digital signature management. No printing or scanning needed! Cost: Free.

5. Credit Card Terminal

For mobile sales people, there’s nothing quite as convenient as accepting credit cards.  Unfortunately, you can NOT get Intuit’s credit card app to turn your Kindle Fire into a convenient credit card terminal.  As of May 2012, Intuit (and my readers) report that the Kindle is not compatible with Intuit’s Go Payment System.  Too bad!

Try the SQUARE from … its a great alternative and you can get started for free.

You can either type in credit card numbers or swipe cards in the free dongle, which attaches to the headphone jack in the tablet. All information is encrypted and payments are directly deposited into your bank account.  Cost: Free. That means no monthly minimums or fees!

These are my 5 favorite apps for the Kindle Fire… but there are SO many more.  Let us know in the comments section which ones you love and how tablet apps have helped your business become more productive!

Dedicated to your (Tablet-Powered) success,
Joanna Ebizie

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