VIDEO: “Why” Is the Reason Some Companies Rocket to the Top

This is not a finance topic, but it’s the key to nearly everything else in your business.

You already know the “TED Talks“, right?  Well here’s one that is both Inspiring and Useful.  Posted above is a talk that Simon Sinek should have called “The WHY of Market Leaders”.

Take his advice to heart, and it will change your business.  It will change how you think about your business, and how you explain your business to your customers.  It may even convince you that you are in the WRONG business.

Please spend 18 minutes and 5 seconds listening to Simon explain the difference between a company that will meander through mediocrity, and one that will rocket to success.  His description of how a product becomes a mass-market success is worth the investment.  So is his explanation of why some companies — and some people — command such leading positions in our world.

I’ve seen it in practice.  Just today I met a woman who has amazing passion for her new business.  Even though she is just breaking even, I know that she is going to be an amazing success.  Why?  Yes.  Because she was able to tell me exactly why she is creating this new company.  She started with a why.  Her examples were not about the cool technology she uses, but about the people she has touched — even inspired — and that is the key feature of this TED talk.

Enough from me.  Please watch Simon’s video…Even if you’ve seen it before. Link here:

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