Taking my own advice

You read this blog because you need solutions to tough problems.  We tackle issues like finding angel investors, improving profitability, and setting growth strategy.  And sometimes we even discuss brands and marketing…

So you might have been surprised that this blog never had a name.  But a recent shout-out by Intuit, naming me to a list of “The 5 Top Blogs for Small Business Finance” made me a bit self-concious.  Well, I am taking my own advice and working to re-brand this site as “www.fusecfo.com“… where entrepreneurs and their teams can come to Build a Rock Solid Business.

Thank you for bearing with me as I do this… and please please please leave me a note and let me know what you think.  Don’t let me go off-track!

By the way, you’ll see more images of “Stacked Rocks” appearing on this site.  Why? Stacked Rocks have a special symbolism for me — and for many cultures around the world.

As a Boy Scout, I learned that stacked rocks are used by hikers to mark a trail.  Even in a dense jungle or a barren dessert, a small stack of rocks can grab your attention and let you know that you are on the right path.  My mission with this website is to be a guide through the jungle of small business finance… so I’ve chosen to use stacked rocks to mark the path. (Here’s more on using stacks for trail marking: they are also called cairns by Europeans and inukshuk by the Inuit.)

Some of you have told me that in other cultures, stacks of rocks are used to indicate wealth and success… two more good reasons to keep them around!  From Native Americans to Japanese Buddhists, stacked rocks have held meaning all around the world.

Whatever it is that YOU see in a stack of rocks — balance, permanence, focus— I hope you will agree that these same characteristics will benefit your small business.

So I will continue to mark the path here at www.fusecfo.com … and hope that together we can build a Rock Solid Business.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.  I’ll be back with a new stack of blog posts very soon!

Dedicated to your (Rock Solid) Profits,

David Worrell

PS: Like all good trail markers, current links to www.fusecfo.com will continue to work.  But if you are not yet a  subscriber, please sign up soon!

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