7 Places Your Cash is Hiding: The Cash Flow Cycle (VIDEO!)

Its a sad truth that even a successful business can run out of cash.  Sometimes the “cash conversion cycle” can turn a successful business into a struggling business.  I’ve seen businesses grow so fast that they literally die for lack of cash.  Crazy… right?

If you have any doubt that your growing business can run out of cash, you need to watch this video.  Not only will I explain where all your cash is going, but I’ll tell you how to calculate the amount of cash tied up in your business.

You’ll learn to answer these questions:

  • What is a cash cycle?
  • How long is your cash cycle?
  • Where is the cash hiding in your business?
  • How can you squeeze more cash out of your business?

OK then.  This is a bit of a test for me.  Will you commit to 6.5 minutes to learn this?  I think its worth it, but I want to hear from you too.  Vote with your tweets and likes.  Leave me a comment.  Do I have a face made for Radio?  Let me know.

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