PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator

Includes FREE training video. This is an easy to use tool for business owners to make sure that they utilize the PPP funds correctly to stay compliant and have their loans 100% forgiven. See the product in the videos below — includes free training video below.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator



If you adhere to the SBA spending rules you may qualify for 100% PPP loan forgiveness. But you have just 8 weeks to spend the money.

If you don’t follow the SBA rules , you’ll have to pay back the loan!

Plan and track how you spend your loan by using our spreadsheet to maximize your forgiveness.

In this video we present you a tool that will guide through the SBA spending rules and help you keep track of your spending so that you increase your chances to qualify for forgiveness. This multi-tab XL file will guide you every step of the way to show you how much of the loan will be forgiven.

You can use it to plan your spending strategy and budget the money so you qualify for 100% forgiveness.
Don’t leave money on the table!

You can purchase this Fuse Financial Partners Loan Forgiveness Calculator
spreadsheet for only $19 dollars here.

See How Easy It Is

Watch the instructional video and you will get not only a view of the product, but trained before you buy it….


The SBA will expect you to know these answers.

These are the kinds of key questions that only a PPP calculator can help you answer.

So get the answers to all of those pesky investor questions, with this one spreadsheet. It is completely unlocked and easy to modify. The instructions are clear, and you can email me at any time with questions.


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