Crowdfunding Update: What you Need to Know Today to Raise Equity from the Crowd

If you’re looking to raise money for your business or startup, you should start getting ready now to offer stock to the general public under the new law called Jumpstart our Business Startups, or JOBS Act.

Title III of the JOBS Act allows private businesses — even startups — to raise money from the general public for the first time since the great depression. Suddenly, internet crowdfunding is taking on a whole new complexion. (Read our prior post for a list of crowdfunding sites.)

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Saved by a PEG: How Private Equity Groups are Riding to Your Rescue

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If these seem like dark days for funding or selling your business, you need a white knight to save the day.  Today, that’s likely to be a Private Equity Group.  There are hundreds of Private Equity Groups in the USA that together control billions of dollars of business capital.  Much of it can be invested with relatively few strings attached, and these firms actually want to invest in small businesses now.

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