Who Is an Accredited Investor? General Advertising in Private Offerings of Securities Brings New Challenges

Recently (July 2013) the SEC finally eliminated the rules against general advertising and solicitation in the offering of private stock. Imagine seeing your company’s stock advertised for sale on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This is a landmark change in how small businesses raise capital.  But don’t rush out into the brave new world of fundraising without checking your facts.  Here’s what you need to know.

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Missing My Mentor: Bill Manby (1942-2013)

Bill_Manby1-e13814155278801.jpgI was privileged to have had Bill Manby as a business partner and mentor during the heady days of the Dot-Com Boom (and bust!) in Silicon Valley. I don’t know how we met — California’s Monterey peninsula was a small place — but it quickly became clear that we made a great team. His gray-haired wisdom perfectly counter-balanced my youthful exuberance. We formed Monterey Venture Partners in 1999.

Over the next  few years Bill taught me important lessons about business and about life — lessons that I have carried ever since.

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