The Cheapskate’s Guide to Employee Benefits: 3 Ways to Cut Costs and Keep Employees Happy

When companies look to cut costs, employee benefits are one of the first things to go. That saves money, but hurts morale – right when you need your team to pull together and work harder. Fortunately, there are ways for you to cut expenses and provide some excellent employee benefits.

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Loan Applications: 4 Things to Never Tell your Banker (by guest blogger Rob Severson)

In my 40-year career I have met with 100’s of business people seeking loans.  It is the fun part of what I do. But I’ve also seen some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make, particularly when talking to a banker.

Sometimes I think bankers speak a different language than entrepreneurs.  Be very careful that what you say is what you want the banker to hear!  For example, here are 4 of the most commonly misinterpreted phrases that will kill your loan application.

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Take Your Finances Mobile: 4 Top Apps for Accounting On the Go

Mobile devices are the busy entrepreneurs best friend.  Just as mobile devices and apps have made it possible to take your operations on the road, the new generation of apps is making it possible to take your business finances too.

But its more than just being mobile. Smartphones and tablets are now doing some of the work of accountants, bookkeepers and statisticians. If you’re looking for your phone to  help you manage your money, take a look at some of the most promising new accounting apps.

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