How Financially Disciplined is Your Company? 3 Rules for Surviving any Storm

The recession is over, leaving behind a wake of net losses, bad cash flow and bankruptcies among those hardest hit. At the same time, other companies have emerged unscathed.  What factors separate those that made it through the recession from others that did not?

I’ve worked with dozens of companies over the last 5 years and believe that the survivors all have one thing in common: a mature and disciplined finance function that protected them from the worst of the storm by providing key data, information and insight to guide management decisions.

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Business Plan Wizard: How to Write your Future on One Page

The magic of Harry Potter recently found its way into business strategy and planning.  In fact, author J. K. Rowling gave up one amazing secret to her creative genius that every entrepreneur should use for writing a business plan.

No, she did not conjure her 3,407 page chronology using black magic, a wand, a spell or a potion.

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