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Who Pays When an Employee Dies: The Cirque Du Soleil Tragedy

For the first time in Cirque Du Soleil’s 29-year history, a performer died last month when she fell during an aerial sequence in the show “KA” in Las Vegas. This wasn’t just a shock for the audience, but also a test of the entire Cirque business.

It also made me ask the question, “Who pays when an employee dies on the job?”  Every business owner should use this sad event as a reminder that employee safety – and insurance coverage for accidents – is required in every business.

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The Story of Dr. G. (Never Hire a Qualified Employee When an Over-Qualified One Will Do)

small_1568185441.jpgI’ve hired a lot of people in the last ten years, but none as valuable as Dr. G  – a terrifyingly smart, over-qualified guy who was grateful for the low-paying job I gave him.

How I found Dr. G and why he was such a great employee illustrates the single largest opportunity for business owners today — to hire overqualified people at a fraction of their true value.

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Advertise Private Stock for Sale to Investors (now its legal!)

(Updated Sept 12, 2013)  It just got a little bit easier to raise money from angel investors. On July 10th, the SEC lifted a long-standing ban on “general solicitation for private securities deals“, which means that companies will now be able to advertise their stock for sale. Private equity dealers are calling the rules “transformative” because it is the first real change implemented under the 2012 JOBS Act.

By lifting the ban on general solicitation, the SEC has created a new private equity offering called a 506(c), that will let private companies advertise their stock for sale to accredited investors.

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Whew! Key Obamacare changes delayed until Jan 2015

Newsflash: On July 3, businesses owners got an early Independence Day present: The feds delayed implementation of the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions (also known as “Play or Pay”) of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  This is the provision that requires companies with 50 or more employees to offer affordable insurance.

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