Don’t Be Shark Bait: Tell an Investor What Your Company is Worth Now… and Later!

The ABC reality TV show “Shark Tank” is incredible.  Each week, contestants are offered millions of dollars for a piece of their company.  They have about 30 seconds to say yes or no.  It looks simple, doesn’t it?

Behind the scenes, it is anything but simple — and the business owners are the most likely to be the least prepared.  I suppose that’s why this is called the Shark Tank.  A lot of these business owners get eaten alive and end up selling their company for far less than it is worth.

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We Now Interrupt Your 2015 Tax Season…

to Discuss Your 2016 Taxes (7 Tax Law Changes You Must Know Now)

OK, nobody loves tax season.  If you’re feeling stressed out by the looming April 15th tax deadline (or the just-passed deadline for company taxes!), take a break.  Forget taxes for a moment and instead look ahead to next year.  Why?

Because the tax code has changed effective January 1, 2013 and what you are doing today will impact what you pay next year at this time (which should impact your business strategy too!).

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