6 Ways Tablets (Should) Power Your Business

Small business success means being more productive than the competition: Faster, better, cheaper. And there’s no tool that will make a business faster, better and more productive than a tablet computer. If your business is not tablet-ized, now is the time.

Don’t shudder when you think about splurging on a fancy gadget and learning new software. Instead focus on the areas of your business that will be more productive and more valuable. The verdict is in: tablets are powerful new business tools that are already improving every aspect of small business.

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Screaming Won’t Help when Too Much Cash Kills Your Business

medium_2276783536-e13586145741501.jpgI’m embarrassed to tell you that I actually screamed at a salesman over the phone today.  It takes a lot to get me worked up, but in this case I broke.  I simply wanted to PAY this guy, and he could not take payment over the phone.

ME: “What? No invoicing?  No credit card?  No Paypal, Square, or Intuit Payment Network?”

SALES GUY: “No. Cash or check only, payable on delivery.”  

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