Key Person Insurance: How to pick a policy without getting ripped off

If given the choice, I think most business owners would rather discuss…well…just about anything other than life insurance. Who wants to think about insuring the life of a key person in your business? Or your own? But if you love your business, care about your employees and want to protect your business partners, then you should be thinking about key man insurance. Now … while you still can.

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Business Strategies to Grow Bigger, Faster, Smarter: Step 4 of my Business Tune-Up Program

I’ve often said that you should not start any business without a business plan. So are you surprised that I put this strategy step at the end of my Business Tune Up Program?

There’s a good reason. A “strategic growth plan” is entirely different than a start-up business plan, and plotting strategy takes a deep understanding of what drives your business — and your profits.

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