RMA: The Banker’s Secret Book You Must Know

Yes, Virginia, bankers do have a secret book.  Yes, it has answers you need to build your business, get a loan and more.  But wait, it gets even better.  Let me back up just a little.

If you are writing a business plan, trying to project your company’s financial future, or simply wondering why you aren’t making as much money as you want, you ought to be looking at your financial statements.  Finding the good and bad in a company’s financial statement isn’t that simple, but it isn’t hard either.

That’s where the secret book comes in.

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Crowdfunding Startups: 11 New Crowdfunding Sites Put Cash In Your Pocket

UPDATE:  If you’re looking for a list of crowdfunding sites, you’ve found it!  But please read all the way through the comments, as we have gotten several updates on new (and dead) sites.  And for the new JOBS Act crowdfunding, please see my newest article on what you need to do to raise equity through crowdfuding.

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