How to Find Operational Leverage: Step 2 of Your Business Tune-Up Program

Sorry to have kept you waiting for part 2 in my 4-part Business Tune-Up Program. This week I want you to find out what really drives the profit numbers in your business. Scrappy entrepreneurs often build very broad-based businesses — which can become a confusing mix of high-profit and no-profit products or services. Let’s uncover which is which and begin to fine-tune things like pricing, product offering and profitability.

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Put the Spark Back into Your Business: Step 1 of the Business Tune-Up Program

Business man and woman working at table in office

Entrepreneurs are an odd lot.  We pursue a passion but end up with a business. Sure, launching a company seems like a good idea at first. We start with stars in our eyes, but end up married to the dreary demands of running a company.

If your business is not helping you pursue your dreams — by generating both income and opportunity for you to do what you love — then it’s time for a bit of “Couple’s Therapy”.  Just you and your business.  Communicating, listening and finally coming to a resolution that empowers you both to grow and thrive.

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