Are you Financing a Russian Crime Boss?

russian-danger-e1343769201550.jpgI recently discovered a number of businesses in the USA that are helping the Russian Mob rip people off.  If you sell a product, your company could be one of them.

I’m not kidding.

HP and Office Max are on the list.  So is PayPal.  And hundreds of other companies that sell products online are also, unknowingly, helping criminals get rich.

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All New Business Apps: 4 Ways Tablets can Transform Your Business

Are you stuck at your desk, trying to build a company using your PC to track and manage everything yourself? Its time to streamline — and transform — your business by using the next generation of tablets and apps.  It’s no longer optional — your competitors are going to leap ahead by empowering their entire team to capture, communicate and use data more effectively and efficiently.

Now that tablets have broken the $200 barrier, and apps are being built for serious business purposes, tablets are not just toys anymore.

I’m not talking about typical productivity apps for small businesses. Sales people adopted phones and tablets to hold contact databases, track appointments and organize restaurant receipts.  That’s fine, but it inspires a lot of yawns in the executive boardroom.

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Crooked Co-Workers: 6 Steps to Spot Embezzlers at Your Company

Is there a thief working in your office? I’m not talking about a convict wearing an orange jump suit. I’m talking about a well dressed employee who is, at this very moment, ripping you off for thousands — maybe millions — of dollars. Would you even know if your employees were committing financial fraud and embezzlement? 

Corporate embezzlement and fraud are tough to spot, but the consequences can be dire. In 485 cases of corporate theft in 2010, the average embezzler stole — ready? — $17,656 per month from their employer.

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