10 Things to Love about Xero Cloud Accounting Software

xero.jpgLike all great businesses, Xero started with a clear mission: to make life easier for small businesses.  In particular, Xero set out to:

– embrace simple user interfaces
– help improve cash flow
– improve collaboration between businesses, vendors and customers

Sounds ambitious, but here’s 10 ways Xero brought the dream to life:

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Put Everything in the Cloud … But Put Cloud Accounting First

It may be cliche already, but “Moving To The Cloud” is the single most important move a company can make. So much more than just websites and banner ads, “The Cloud” is already home to some of the most powerful automation software ever invented. Aggressive companies will improve every aspect of their business by embracing cloud technologies — from HR and marketing to operations to finance and accounting… but particularly finance and accounting!

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SaaS Business Model: Use Excel, not Magic, to Calculate Success

Nearly every kind of software is now offered online as “Software as a Service“, or SaaS.  If you’re thinking of creating a SaaS business model, you can look forward to recurring revenue and high profit margins… if it works. But the key to growing a great SaaS business is to sell a lot of customers while keeping the cost of sales in check.

[NOTE: All facts in this article relate to ANY high-growth subscription business model. SaaS is just one example of a Subscription-based business model.]

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