Love to Hate Your Accountant? 8 Ways to Know It’s Time to Break Up

collector-e1310741184642-266x200.jpgTime and again I hear of entrepreneurs complaining about a lack of accurate books – but in the same breath say that they have been with their accountants for so long that they couldn’t possibly leave.

Sounds crazy, right? Sure, your relationship with an accountant feels personal. But how bad does it have to get before you know it’s time to make a change?

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4 Ways Do-It-Yourself Accounting will Tank Your Business

We’re in a time when empowerment means do-it-yourself.  Spend a few hours on YouTube and you’ll find a myriad of crafts you can learn, from brewing your own beer to making a better soufflé.

No one, though, would claim you can learn to be a surgeon on your own, or how to fly a plane, or embark on any number of highly skilled tasks without expert coaching.  I’d argue the stakes for your company are just as high with do-it-yourself accounting.

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