How to Live with your CFO: Fixing a Dysfunctional CFO-CEO Relationship

The best way to build a strong, profitable and sustainable company is to start with a solid CFO-CEO relationship.  In the best companies, the two executives are in lock-step, working together to realize a common vision. And in doing so, they divide the work, compliment each other’s strengths and have each other’s back.

When it works well, the interplay and support between CEO and CFO creates value greater than the sum of its parts and catapults the company past the competition. When it fails, the bad relationship can tear an organization apart at the seams.

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4 Strategies for Surviving Foreign Currency Exchange Risks

The re-valuation of the Chinese Yuan this month highlights a risk that most small businesses barely acknowledge: the cost and volatility of international money exchange.

If you’re buying raw materials from China, your costs suddenly increased by 4%  (enough to wipe out the entire profit margin for some businesses), which makes foreign exchange risk management a problem that you cannot afford to ignore.

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